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How to Care for a Bottle-Fed Axis Fawn: Tips and Guidelines for Success

Updated: May 1

Found a baby deer? Wanting to know how to take care of him/her? Well, i do this very often and i'm not perfect but I've had great success over the years.

First check if your fawn is healthy. Here is my check list! Make sure the deer has a shiny, clean coat and clear eyes with a wet nose. Make sure there aren't any discharges! If they curl up and are resting comfortably. If your answer is yes, the fawns healthy.

Understand that the mommas will give birth and leave the fawn. She can leave for up to 12 hours even though that isn't always the case. Does will come back and nurse usually when the fawn (calls out) the moms are usually within 500' radius of the fawn.

She is not abandoning her baby. So, if you happen to find a fawn i would check everything on my checklist and then back off and watch from a distance. Make sure the momma comes back.

If you see the momma has not come back to the fawn. Bottle feeding a fawn you will need patience and will need to stay calm. Bottle feeding schedule that I usually follow by is when they're 1-3 days old I give 1-3oz every 3-4 hours and force feed as necessary.

4-7 days old 4oz every 3-4 hours and week 2 6oz every 3-4 hours week 3- 8oz every 4 hours and I add one to each oz and each hour until week 9 through 12 and start to wean the deer off.

I also add dirt under the tongue of the fawn fresh from outside on my farm usually where other animals don't poop every three days. I would use the black unfertilized dirt do not use potting soil! The purpose of this is to set up their digestive system to digest the plant life in your area every location is different.

Yogurt is another great item to keep around the house for baby fawns plain or strawberry can be added to the baby's bottle prevent/treat scours (diarrhea)

If you have any questions or concerns dont hesitate to reach out to me.

My number is available on my website

Thank you

Katelyn Lossen

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